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Here’s What to Do If Your Mortgage Is Underwater

“If you feel like you’re drowning, financially speaking, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are “underwater” on their mortgages, with negative equity. It’s a bad position to be in, but you may be able to improve your situation. Let’s talk numbers first. According to data from CoreLogic, as of the end of 2014, homeowners of about

Nearly Two Million Homeowners Offered Mortgage Solutions in 2014

“More than 489,000 permanent home loan modifications were offered to homeowners last year, according to HOPE NOW’s 2014 loan modification data released today. HOPE NOW is a voluntary, private sector alliance of mortgage servicers, investors, mortgage insurers, and non-profit counselors. The data showed more than 1.88 million homeowners received loan modifications, short sales, deeds in lieu,

Ocwen relents, enables retired nurse to keep her house

“A 75-year-old Brooklyn woman won her five-year legal battle with one of the nation’s biggest mortgage servicers after The Post reported on her struggle to save her Brooklyn home. Eartha Smith, a retired nurse for the New York Fire Department, finally got an e-mail from Ocwen Financial granting her a mortgage modification following several false

Ocwen Woes Continue as CEO Pens Apology to Borrowers

“Amid an ongoing investigation by the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) into the servicing practices of Ocwen Financial Corporation (NYSE: OCN), the company has issued an apology to any homeowners who may have been affected by misdated letters regarding foreclosure or loan modification. In an open letter dated Friday, Ocwen CEO Ron Faris

Ocwen posts open letter and apology to borrowers

“Ocwen Financial (OCN) has taken a beating after the New York Department of Financial Services sent a letter to the company on Oct. 21 alleging that the company had been backdating letters to borrowers, and now Ocwen is posting an open letter to homeowners. Ocwen CEO Ron Faris writes to its clients explaining what happened and what steps

H.R. 5771 SIGNED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA: Extension of Exclusion from Gross Income of Discharge of Qualified Principal Residence

Summary: H.R.5771 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)  Shown Here:  Introduced in House (12/01/2014) Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 – Title I: Certain Expiring Provisions – Amends the Internal Revenue Code to extend certain expiring tax provisions relating to individuals, businesses, and the energy sector. Subtitle A: Individual Tax Extenders – Extends through 2014: the tax

Ocwen Reaches 500,000th Loan Modification Milestone

By GlobeNewswire,  October 16, 2014, 12:30:00 PM EDT Ocwen Has Completed 44% More Modifications Than Any Other Servicer WASHINGTON, Oct. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ocwen Financial Corporation(NYSE:OCN), the nation’s largest independent mortgage servicer, announced today that it has reached a significant milestone by making its 500,000th loan modification. Since 2008 Ocwen has been dedicated to helping families

2nd Loan Modification

Homeowners are frustrated across the nation.  They do not feel the banks care because their loan modifications keep getting denied.  When they seek out a HUD or other non-profit agency for assistance, the wrong numbers are being submitted on their behalf. No one has the answer…… they think…  until they meet us!  When folks call
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