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Loan Modification Key®

“We need help,” the voice on the other end says in desperation…

“Please, tell me what you are going through,” we respond.

“We fell behind on our mortgage payment and have been trying to get a loan modification but we keep getting denied,” the voice shudders in defeat, “the bank has scheduled a foreclosure sale date and we don’t know what to do.  We have tried to get help from HUD agencies, attorneys and even our own lender but no one is helping us!  Can you help?”

This is the question we have been asked every single day for the last nine years since the housing market imploded in 2007.

We are different. We can help.   Untitled3

We teach homeowners how to qualify for their lowest possible mortgage payment through the loan modification process. Since 2007, we have helped hundreds of homeowners save their homes from foreclosure and are so grateful for the opportunity to serve our public!

Loan Modification Key© restores HOPE.

Our program has rescued many families from financial ruin and rapidly picked them back up!  Thus, stimulating the economy much faster than it would have otherwise. This is the era of the homeowner  saving themselves from foreclosure instead of depending on a misinformed third party agency who will appear to have robbed them in the end.

Please make your gift today and help transform a family’s life.




The LMK Team has been in the mortgage industry for 20 years with the last 10 years focused on loan modifications.  Shortly after loan modifications became popular, we began to see a trend: several families that came into our office had already used another 3rd party agency or lawyer prior to contacting us – most had been taken for their money.  After their request for a loan modification was denied, they did not trust anyone but knew they had to trust someone as they did not know how to qualify.

Loan Modification Key® was literally their last hope.  After saving so many homes, it became evident that we had something very rare.  That’s when LOAN MODIFICATION KEY® was created, THE KEY TO GETTING APPROVED®.  


We’ve invented an entirely new generation of loan modification sophistication, with technology to boost the homeowner’s ability to move forward with focus on a prosperous future.  Put their keys back in their hands!

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IMPORTANT: The text in this website and product(s) sold on this website do not substitute for legal advice. Nor does the text substitute for real estate, financial, tax, bankruptcy or other professional advice. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) cannot and do not guarantee results from any lender or servicer. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) do not represent any loan modification program or governmental program. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) do not represent any government agency. The text herein represents information, opinion and expertise gathered in the last several years' experience in the mortgage industry. Loan Modification Key® is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
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