Reviews : Loan Modification Key




Reviews for Loan Modification Key


"In need of mortgage help look no further these people are the real deal."

By Cheryl Davis

We started with Loan Modification Key about two years ago Patty and her staff worked diligently to get us the loan that we needed to stay in our home. It's 's been over a year since the modification has happened and I can't say enough about this company that has helped us stay in our house. After the first year of payments we received money back because of overpayment and escrow. We are in our second year of payments of our 3 yr contract and after 36 months our $100,000 principal reduction will be taken off and the house will be ours without any stipulation at this point we will be able to sell, stay, rent whatever we want to do. Another blessing that happened after 12 months of timely payments was an overestimated escrow account. So now we only have $1,023 monthly mortgage payment for the coming yr opposed to a $1,239 a month and we recieved a check for $1578 for the overpayment. It couldn't get any better then this people . If you are truly in need help to stay in your home Loan Modification Key are the people you want to call. I gotta admit I didn't believe they were going to get this done but they did and every word they said was true!  Thank you!! Patty and staff!!

Cheryl Davis Pt Charlotte, Florida



"Anything is possible with Loan Modification Key!"

By Yvonne Manini-George

KEEP HOPE ALIVE... those were the words Patti said to us when we first met her. We were very scared of losing our home and wondered if Loan Modification Key really could help us save it. After seeing their portfolio we thought what was probably impossible could be possible with Loan Modification Key. From the start Patti and Kelsey worked diligently on our behalf with the bank and were always persistent when getting things done. The communication was great whether she would send us a text, give us a call us or send us an email very late at night as she was still working on getting our loan modified. Patti walked us through every step of the way as to what to expect next and what to do to make the stressful process a little more less stressful. Loan Modification Key was able to ask for partial forgiveness on our loan to get our payment down as low as possible which they did. We got an interest rate of 3% and will be saving approximately $250,000!! Our family can't thank Patti and Kelsey enough for working so hard on saving our home we built ourselves and love so much. In our darkest hours of sleepless nights what we truly thought was impossible WAS possible and we will forever be grateful to Loan Modification Key for encouraging us to Keep Hope Alive. May God Bless You Patti and Kelsey......

Wayne and Yvonne George & Family



"Satisfaction guaranteed."

By Bill Stevens (Jamul, CA United States)

Not too long ago we were having difficulty making our mortgage payments due to some unexpected medical expenses. We Asked Patti for help and she really came through. Without a long and difficult process she was able to modify our mortgage to a realistic payment and at two percent interest. Thank you Patti ! ! Loan Modification Key works !




By Sandra

Hi my name is Sandra and I helped my parents save their home. We were recommended to Patti by a family member and when we met her she was straight-forward; something that we enjoyed. She told us what to expect and the steps we were going to be taking. We were paying around $2300 a month plus insurance and property tax. Patti and Kelsey (her daughter and wonderful partner) kept us informed of any new procedure that would be taken. THANK YOU PATTI ... our payments are now $1400 with everything included, and we are our ENJOYING our house.



"They had our back, we have our home!"

By Sharon, San Diego

We were desperate to keep our modest home! After several attempts to work out a modification with our lender, who sold our load after they denied us; a second lender who kept telling us they never received our paper work (via mail, fax or email); an attorney firm that wanted all the $$ upfront, and a huge national non-profit that focuses on modifications, but couldn't help on a more personal level--I felt truly hopeless. Loan Modification Key was the answer. From the start I was energized when they assured me they could help. It's nerve-racking to work with lenders and banks, but they understand the process and kept in constant communication with us to assure us they were "on the job--and we could trust them." When they called with the good news that our loan was modified, I was parked at a 7-11 in Colorado. Good thing I wasn't driving, because the flood-gates opened, and I couldn't stop crying from relief! Honestly, they had our back, and we still have our home. Praise God!



"The Best!!"

By Matt McGinnis, Realtor

Loan Modification Key has helped many of my clients restructure their loan and keep their home! If you, or anyone you know, are having issues making your payments and feel like the banks are not cooperating with you then please contact Patti. She goes above and way beyond to make sure you stay in your home with affordable payments. Loan Modification Key will fight for you until the job is done and you feel comfortable in your home!



"Patti and Kelsey got us a modification on our home."

By Ted Bayouth

My wife and myself have been blessed to have reached Patti on my first call to find a consultant regarding a modification. The time, effort and skill both Patti and Kelsey communicated to our lender is why we finally have our modification!! They are OUTSTANDING AT WHAT THEY DO !!!! we are so grateful for and appreciate them both so much!!! We would be happy to talk to anyone who needs a recommendation.

Ted & Nancy Bayouth



"The Greatest Team!"

By Tatia Mays, Miami, FL United States

Hi my name is Tatia and I live in Miami Florida. I am one of their clients and they reduced my mortgage payment tremendously. I also was approved for the HAMP modification program. This brought my home loan principal balance to lower and more reasonable balance. They are very honest and reliable professionals. I am very, very thankful that I called Loan Modification Key! "I will be forever grateful for their presence in my life" They help save my home! Let LOAN MODIFICATION KEY be your VOICE Today! God is real and they are here for us! They truly are awesome and the key to great future.



"If I had to do it all over again I'd use Loan Modification Key every time."

By Danell  Chula Vista, CA

My name is Danell and Loan Modification Key saved my home and restored my faith in loan modifications. Patti and her team were GREAT!!! They were very personable, understanding, and informative. I'm not someone who understands the world of loans or mortgages, but Patti and her team put everything in terms I could understand. I love my home and I have Patti and the LMK Team to thank.




Reviews for Loan Modification Key


"Patti & Kelsey are the NFL quarterbacks of the loan modification industry!"

By Kevin Donohoe, Automotive

I interviewed several firms offering loan modification process assistance and I wasn’t impressed. I called Loan Modification Key after researching their multiple positive reviews. I spoke at length with Patti and she answered my questions in a straightforward manner. The difference in this interview versus the other organizations I spoke with was her enthusiasm. Patti educated me on the loan modification paperwork submission process and created realistic expectations based on her experiences and taking into consideration the information I provided. The only promise Patti made to me was that “she would not give up”!

Our case took several months with several stops and starts and a few setbacks; Patti and Kelsey held our hands throughout and continued to assure us they would not give up. Patti and Kelsey called me the first week of January and told me our case was accepted and our monthly payments were actually lower than we had anticipated!!

If you want to work with compassionate professionals that really care about their clients, contact Patti and Kelsey at Loan Modification Key.

(Kevin was one of the homeowners that recorded a video for us!)




Reviews for Loan Modification Key


"After my first meeting with Patty I was confident this was the way to go."

By Richard E., San Diego

I was referred to Patty at Loan Modification Key by a very close friend. I called and got an appointment to determine if I could qualify for a loan modification. After going over the information on my home loan Patty assured me that I was indeed a good candidate for a Loan Modification.  I was given a list of information she would require to proceed and was immediately assured by her confidence that this would help me.  I had already tried another company that once I gave them the information I never heard another word from them until I received the denial letter from the bank. When I tried to contact the company their phone numbers were no longer in service.

Loan Modification Key was different. After my first meeting with Patty I was confident this was the way to go.  Once the information was submitted I was advised it would take between 30 to 120 days. I was advised weekly as to the progress of my case.  I was surprised to receive a letter from my bank just over 30 days later that my loan mod had been accepted and instructions would follow. At this point my house payment is $800.00 less than it was and includes the tax and insurance.

I am extremely happy with Patty at Loan Modification Key and have referred friends and family members for help.



"Getting results others can't."

By Jose M., Chula Vista, CA

My mother was scammed by another loan modification company (NOT LOAN MODIFICATION KEY) which caused the property to be put on the auction for foreclosure; we were far beyond our whits-end trying to get the sale date postponed and prosecute the scammers. They held the portfolio for a close to 11 months without absolutely not working with the bank, they where planning in purchasing the property themselves or forcefully have us do a short-sale. Once I became aware of their plans about what was going on we found Patti and her team, we let her know the situation, she took it from a real bad situation and started to get the ball rolling on the process with her many years of experience in the industry. We managed to stop the foreclosure sale date a day before. My mother was so relieved when Patti and I got involved when we did. Patti and her team know the science behind how to communicate with lenders and are very determined in getting it done while making the process smooth and getting results others can't. We couldn't be happier with Patti and her team!!

My mother is enjoying her home with a very reasonable payment... Thanks Patti, Kelsey, and!!!!!!!

(Jose was one of the homeowners that recorded a video for us!)


"It is truly a unique and very specific set of instructions."

By Mel P., Chula Vista, CA

I can't believe what an amazing tool the Loan Modification Key is.  I was able to restructure my home loan to a 2% rate using the amazing formula!!  It is truly a unique and very specific set of instructions that showed me the correct way of actually being successful in getting my modification done.  I have seen many of my friends and family spend thousands of dollars and many many months if not years in agonizing frustration only to fail.  Not anymore!!  I am telling everyone I know what a wonderful blessing The Loan Modification Key is.



Newest Loan Modification Key™ 


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"If you are struggling financially, don't hesitate to contact them."

By Pablo M., Los Angeles

I am taking this time to inform researchers of the wonderful work and professionalism of LOAN MODIFICATION KEY. I am the type of person who likes to make only informed decisions. I learned of this company from a relative who was struggling with her mortgage payments due to adjustable mortgage rates that soared through the roof. Patti Kammerzell, the loan specialist at LMK, helped my relative lower her mortgage payments on 2 properties considerably. After contacting Patti and receiving valuable professional advise, I continued to research her business and after a couple of months I decided to give her a chance. Patti was very knowledgeable, professional and well informed from the beginning. She informed me of the process and all its details. She lowered my 1,990.00 mortgage payment to 1,330.00 on my first modification. Then years later I ran into financial difficulty, contacted her once more and she once again worked her magic and reduced my 1,330.00 mortgage payment to 1,160.00. I have to say that I would recommend LMK to all who need help. If you are struggling financially, don't hesitate to contact them. I did recommend them to friends and family. They also personally contacted me periodically to insure me that all was going as planned. I was never worried.


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"Needless to say I'm pleased with the results."

By Sheila B., Marlton, NJ

I can testify to the fact that LMK is a credible business that honestly helps people to successfully modify their mortgage. My modification happened quite quickly and needless to say I'm pleased with the results.


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"Patti & Kelsey accomplished what I could not do on my own."

By Bobbie S., Baltimore, MD

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to express my honest opinion about "Loan Modification Key". Patti & Kelsey accomplished what I could not do on my own. After several failed attempts to apply for a loan modification, I was Blessed to have found LMK. Patti & Kelsey worked with my lender and accomplished getting me the modification, I had been fighting for, for years. I wish I had found them sooner. They saved my home, and accomplished obtaining an affordable monthly payment for me. Anyone who is struggling with there mortgage, and their lender, contact Patti & Kelsey. I am so grateful to have found them. I can finally sleep better, knowing I can afford my new monthly mortgage payment. I thank God, that I found them, and they saved my home. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of help with their mortgage. Thank you again Patti & Kelsey! God Bless you both! Bobbie


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"Truly hardworking and dedicated angels."

By Tatia Mays, Miami, FL

Hi my name is Tatia Mays and I truly love Loan Modification Key, because they help me save my home. Ms. Patti and Kelsey are awesome. They are people that you can trust. In the past I had been rip off by a company and was afraid to trust anyone else. Patti made me feel very comfortable and secure with her company. This is a company you can trust with your home. Truly hardworking and dedicated angels.  I also wrote a review for them on their Amazon page!


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"Frankly I was a little surprised and shell-shocked that the process went so quickly and smoothly."

By Eddie A., Atlanta, GA

I want to thank both of you and the whole team for taking time out yesterday to call me with my loan modification approval news! Frankly I was a little surprised and shell-shocked that the process went so quickly and smoothly. That is a great tribute and testimony to your hard work and dedication, not to mention your concern and commitment to homeowners like me. This is indeed great news and a victory for me and my family, and it couldn't have come at a better time. All the glory be to God in whose faith we receive the strength to persist.

Great work!


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"We live by faith in God, guaranteed to always work."

By Mr. and Mrs B. Laun, Sacramento, CA

We bought “Our Dream home” in 2006 as well as selling our two smaller homes. With the equity of our two homes, we were able to refinance our new home in late 2006. Sadly to say we saw how the value of our house was crumbling down. We witnessed 50% of our neighbor walking away from their homes due to bad loans and could not refinance their loans. Since we had sold our smaller homes, my husband and I were not about to walk away. This was it, “Our Dream Home”. Months later, we started calling our bank to start our modification process. After months of headaches, frustration and wasted time we wanted to give up. After some time, our nephew recommended “Loan Modification Key” to us since it had worked for several other family members. End of story, we saved our “dream home” with a 2% interest rate. We live by faith in God, guaranteed to always work. Thank you so much!


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"As long as you never give up after the lengthy correspondence with the banks, your persistence will pay off."

By Mr. and Mrs A. Lopez, Apple Valley, CA

Not only has your program helped us with our home, but has helped several others in our family. As long as you never give up after the lengthy correspondence with the banks, your persistence will pay off. We are now more than happy with the results – 2% interest rate (I never thought we could achieve that).


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"In these challenging and confusing times, it is great to have this helpful resource available."

D. Hall, Poway, CA

Loan Modification Key is an easy to understand and a direct approach to loan modification. This no nonsense process provides a clear understanding of what we, the homeowners, need to do to save our homes from foreclosure. In these challenging and confusing times, it is great to have this helpful resource available.


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business - twice.

"You are definitely a gift from God – keep up the good work."

Charles Jenkins, Hayward, CA

Hi there. I like your new web page. I read the testimonial of P. Meza. Those words were the heartfelt words that I would have liked to have come from my lips, were I able to. You are definitely a gift from God – keep up the good work.  (Charles recorded a video for us!)


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"I thank God for your knowledge and wisdom."

M. Marmolejo, National City, CA

I was another one of those people struggling to make my mortgage payment and was devastated to think that I was going to lose my home. When I found this site for the first time, I felt like I knew, “everything is going to be okay now!" I thank God for your knowledge and wisdom.


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"I cannot believe our bank is removing almost $150,000 from our loan!"

J. Rubic, San Diego, CA

I received your email and showed it to my wife. She is so happy and said thank you very much, we deeply appreciate it. Yes we will never miss the three month provisional trial period. Also give our thanks to Kelsey I'm sure she is also very instrumental for this loan modification approval. I cannot believe our bank is removing almost $150,000 from our loan! Again thanks a million for helping us during our time of need. We will tell everyone about your services and how you are changing people's lives!


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

"I just happened to pick the killer whale with the grace of God!"

B. Melendez, Oxford, MS

Hi there Mrs. Patti, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year! You have really helped us this year with the amazing work that you did for us. I'm so proud to have done my research and found you! You are absolutely great at what you do. I am a testament! I will back you any day of the week! God bless you and your sweet daughter. Thank you so much for your hard work and your commitment and passion for your work. You really made me a believer when there were so many sharks out there circling me I just happened to pick the killer whale with the grace of God!


This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business - twice.

"The thought came in, “DID YOU CALL LOAN MODIFICATION KEY?” 

Paul M., Los Angeles, CA

My family and I are so blessed to have met you. Just to share a little something. We ran into a financial situation unexpectedly and I immediately started to call those that I had helped in the past, people whom we’ve shared a confidence to the point where we look to help in any situation, in other words, those that we can turn to in times of need and vice versa. So I get up early in the morning and my wife says, do you have your plan for today? If so, you’d better hurry because time is against you. I said, “I have it all planned out but first of all I’m going to church and we’ll see what God says.” So coming out of church comforted, I drove to nearby park, parked under a tree, and thought about my first move and started to make phone calls. All my friends and family offered to help and all was well to that point, it seemed as if all was well according to “my” knowledge, but then God steps in. The thought came in, “DID YOU CALL LOAN MODIFICATION KEY?” I couldn’t believe it, there was the answer to my problem. GOD IS GREAT!

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