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Homeowners get Access to our Members Area Including:

- Loan Modification Key® Generator
- Instructional Video Presentations
- Forms & Sample Letters
- Loan Modification Webinar
BONUS - Principal Reduction and Credit Repair Guide

*Tax-deductible - ask us!

Homeowner Advocate and Industry Cornerstone

With Loan Modification Key®, you receive the monthly income & expenses needed to achieve your lowest possible mortgage payment with a choice between a 30 year or 40 year amortization through the loan modification process. After your purchase, you will have access to create your Loan Modification Key® and download it in PDF format using our Members Portal.

As an EXTRA BONUS, we include the exclusive "LMK Principal Reduction Guide®”. This guide will teach you how to find out how much your property is worth. If your property is worth LESS than what you OWE or “underwater”, you will learn how to request principal balance forgiveness from your lender and what the new reduced loan amount will be.

You will also receive access to the most current and up-to-date forms required when requesting a loan modification from your lender. The same forms are usually required when requesting an in-house loan modification. Other helpful forms include: 1) Sample Profit and Loss Statement 2) Sample Hardship Letter 3) Sample Rental Agreement 4) Conversation Log 5) Sample Contribution Letter and many others! All forms can be opened with Adobe Reader.

Most importantly, we prepare you for battle with your lender.  We give you access to four (4) easy-to-understand video presentations to guide you through the entire process. These concise and thoughtful steps will give you the armor you need to save your home!

You will find short program excerpts below; the first has been opened for you. 

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Understanding Your Income

Up until now, homeowners have not known how much monthly income is needed to qualify for their loan modification. That is where they get lost, lose hope and eventually, GET DECLINED by their lender.

There is a VERY SMALL margin to fit into, and our system supplies you with the GROSS MONTHLY INCOME amount you need to ACHIEVE your loan modification.

The HOPE call

Even though not all lenders require a HOPE call, it's very important to go through a financial housing counseling session with a “HOPE NOW” HUD-approved non-profit agency.

In this session, the counselor will go over your financial information.  They will cover your entire budget including your monthly gross and net income, your monthly expenses (against your NET income) and how to improve your overall financial position.


With this step, we will outline the submission process. While putting your file together, do it as if preparing it for a fourteen (14) year old recipient.

It is very important that your package does not include any other document than outlined in this step for your situation. The negotiator assigned will tell you what other items he / she needs upon review of your initial documents submitted.

Remember, math does not change. Your gross income (TARGET INCOME) should NEVER EVER change.

Follow-up with Your Lender

It is vital to your transaction that you are on top of your paperwork and your own submission because your lender will NOT be on top of you!

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the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

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"He fights for his house with the tenacity of a bulldog".

IMPORTANT: The text in this website and product(s) sold on this website do not substitute for legal advice. Nor does the text substitute for real estate, financial, tax, bankruptcy or other professional advice. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) cannot and do not guarantee results from any lender or servicer. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) do not represent any loan modification program or governmental program. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) do not represent any government agency. The text herein represents information, opinion and expertise gathered in the last several years' experience in the mortgage industry. Loan Modification Key® is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
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